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Healthcare Navigation Leading to Self-Directed Care

The Satori Pathway Care Navigation Team, comprised of dedicated individuals with years of clinical aging services expertise, helps families deal with complex health issues and an often-fragmented healthcare system.

What does “Navigation” mean in the field of medicine?

Satori Pathway offers comprehensive “Navigation” services that include:
Communication – Education – Coordination – Advocacy.

What does “Self-Directed” health care mean?

Satori Pathway’s goal is offering you a level of education and guidance that allows:
The ability to independently take charge of your or your loved one’s health-related choices.

Services When You Need Them Most

COMMUNICATION — You expect clear, timely, accurate and complete information from healthcare providers especially when faced with a serious or complex health issue or difficult family dynamics. For many reasons, this may not happen.

EDUCATION — Understanding what your health care professional is telling you during your appointments can be extremely difficult. Many times, there is too much information to digest, and it is difficult to determine what is important. We often suggest that a second person be present to take notes and help you ask important questions. Satori helps you to understand the relevant information and the choices available to you.

COORDINATION — The process of navigating a healthcare system requires coordinating doctors, appointments and diagnostic tests. This often results in confusion and frustration. Satori Pathway will guide you and advise you as to what is happening.

ADVOCACY — This means having someone to help you formulate questions and explore options and choices. Satori helps you to ask the difficult relevant questions, so you understand your options.

Here are answers to questions you may want to ask

Satori Pathway’s Mission:

The dementia journey is fraught with confusion and doubt. Managing the healthcare of a loved one and still juggling your own life is highly stressful. Satori Pathway has helped hundreds of families like yours. We provide insight and guidance based upon five decades of expertise in the dementia field addressing both clinical and financial issues.

Dementia may cause family conflicts over what is the “right thing to do” for a loved one. We are experienced mediators and help family members accept the realities of the aging process compounded by the complexities of dementia. We educate and discuss the pros and cons of available options.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference

Satori Pathway helps you understand the physical, emotional, dietary, social and environmental factors that can affect your quality of life. The goal is to stay as healthy as possible, to live safely and stay independent for as long as possible. Small changes can have huge benefits.

Two examples of life-changing assistance provided:

Avoiding the ER. One Satori client was taking his medication incorrectly, resulting in frequent trips to the ER. Satori’s nurse consultant reviewed his medication schedule and color-coded it to his medication tray. Result? He is not only feeling better, he has even reduced his prescription costs.

Help for caregivers. The caregiver of one of our clients had become overwhelmed. She was neglecting her own health. We worked quickly to arrange for respite care. Result? She received a much-needed break, focused on her own growing needs, and prevented her own health decline.

Why Satori, why now?

Trust your instincts: if you’re feeling the need for help, call us. Other organizations may offer generalized assistance, Satori’s approach is specific to your situation. Satori can save you hours of time and frustration.

Our case management expertise can potentially save you thousands of dollars by promoting an aging in place lifestyle at home and avoiding unnecessary assisted living expense. We will also provide referrals to appropriate healthcare professional who will address your needs such as physical therapists.

What can I expect when I contact Satori Pathway and what does it cost?

If you or your loved one, age 60 or older, have experienced concerns with daily life activities such as:

  • A general decline in the ability to care for one’s self
  • Unsteady balance
  • Confusion, memory loss or behavioral issues
  • Diagnosed with multiple health conditions
  • Prescribed multiple medications
  • Frequent ER visits

Satori Pathway consultants will address these or similar issues. We are experienced listeners, able to understand health concerns and lifestyle challenges. Your initial phone contact will be met with a welcoming voice, ready to discuss your situation.

While every dementia journey happens on its own timetable, we can help you during the journey to recognize when to consider appropriate changes. This may involve in-home assistance, a day care program, an assisted living or memory care facility, skilled nursing or hospice services. Satori Pathway will guide in the dementia journey.

We understand the difficult choices facing your family. Our initial consultation is offered at no charge. We will help identify governmental programs that may help your situation and how to access those programs. We understand your options and can guide you to the next stage.

For more information, call Satori Pathway at 815-395-2157, or contact contract Carol at: choover@satoripathway.org.

We’re here for you.