Business & Agencies

Identifying Issues and Ensuring Profitability

Satori Pathway guides assisted living, memory care and congregate housing clients to innovative solutions for the many challenges facing these organizations. Satori has helped develop well over 100 state-of-the-art memory care or assisted living programs designed to meet the changing needs of persons with dementia or behavioral challenges. Whether the issue is facility development, occupancy, staffing, regulatory compliance, profitability or family satisfaction, Satori Pathway’s vast experience consistently results in satisfied clients.

Services include

  • market assessments and studies
  • market positioning strategies
  • memory care program design
  • dementia staff training
  • facility ownership transitions
  • interim facility management

Example: In 2020, Satori was at the forefront of helping facilities deal with COVID-19 pandemic strategies by establishing protocols for long-term care residents, revising policies and procedures for facility employees, and communicating with families. We assisted in managing the influx of governmental rules and regulations, and confusion and concerns caused by this highly-contagious threat, while always prioritizing the health and safety of long-term care residents.

For Governmental Entities:

Satori Pathway’s experience with the World Health Organization’s Age-Friendly Livable Community program allows us to effectively advise communities needing to develop programs and policy modifications to address the needs of older adults.

Policy and Planning for Changing Demographics with Economic Benefits

Finding time, money and personnel to develop proactive, innovative projects can often be a challenge for governmental organizations. One way to identify changing community needs, using a collaborative framework, is through participation in the Age-Friendly Livable Community program administered by AARP. The program offers guidelines to evaluate and better design policies and infrastructure to serve residents age 60+, a demographic that is increasing 40-50% over the next decade. This planning program is intergenerational and inclusive with ongoing community benefits for ages 8 to 80. Satori Pathway is an active member in the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus Community Collaborative, and is working with NIU’s Center for Governmental Studies, to present aging policy summits and offer strategic planning and program development to cities and counties throughout northern Illinois.

Example: During the 2020 pandemic year, Satori helped guide the City of Woodstock through their Age-Friendly Action Plan development, resulting in that community’s approved designation as one of 11 Age-Friendly cities in Illinois and one of 527 nationwide.